Statement of Faith

We Believe…

  1. WE BELIEVE in the Scripture, the infallible Word of God containing sixty-six books, as being fully inspired by God. The Bible is the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks. (2 Tim. 3:16)
  2. WE BELIEVE in one eternal God who has revealed Himself in three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; distinguishable yet indivisible and of one substance. (Matt. 28:19)
  3. WE BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus Christ, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, true God and true man united in one Person. He suffered and died on the cross for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and was buried. He arose bodily from the dead and personally appeared to His disciples. Afterwards, He ascended to heaven, where He is now exalted above all else. (Lk. 1:26-35; Jn. 1:189; Is. 7:124; 1 Cor. 15:1-4; Jn. 14:2-30)
  4. WE BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who has come to glorify Christ, to convict people of sin and to draw us to the Savior, Jesus. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells God’s children, gives new life, empowers believers for service, imparts spiritual gifts, enables believers to live a fruitful, holy and spirit-filled life and guides God’s children into all truth. (Jn. 14:18, 12, 13; Jn. 3:6; Acts 1:8; Gal. 5:22-24; Eph. 5:18; Jn 14:16, 17, 26; Acts 2:38-39; Acts 8:14-17; Acts 10:44-46)
  5. WE BELIEVE in the creation account, as recorded in Genesis, and in the test and fall of man. As a result of the fall, people remain spiritually depraved, separated from God, and unable to attain right-standing with God apart from Jesus Christ. (Rom. 5:12, 18)
  6. WE BELIEVE that the salvation of sinful people is wholly dependent upon the work of God’s free grace. Salvation is manifested through our repentance, plus faith in Christ and His finished work on the cross. Through His work, not our own, we obtain the remission of sins and become God’s children: heirs of eternal life. (Eph 2:8, 9; Rom. 5:1, 9, 11)
  7. WE BELIEVE in one true universal church consisting of genuine believers and in the visible expression of that church in local congregations. These churches are commissioned by Jesus to propagate the gospel, administer the sacraments (baptism and communion), and administer all it’s local works. (Matt. 18:15-20; Acts 15:22)
  8. WE BELIEVE our bodies belong to the Lord (1 Cor 6:13-19). So we pursue sexual fidelity to Christ as we do all other areas of our lives as an expression of our love for Him and He being Lord of our lives. We believe that God teaches us through the Bible that any sexual activity outside of this covenant of marriage (traditionally defined as one man and one woman), including adultery, divorce (except for those exceptions specified in scripture), pre-marital sex, same-sex sexual activity, etc., violates Jesus’ call upon those of us who follow Him.