World Changers

Security Check-In

GCF World Changers Check-In and Security Procedures

Your child’s safety is important to you and important to World Changers and imperative for your child.  When you arrive, please register your child at the Children’s Check-In station (located in the back of the main sanctuary).  If you are a first time visitor, you will be asked for some identifying information concerning your child and any other information you feel would help us to best serve your child.  Every child is assigned a random security number each Sunday and is given a name tag with their parents name, class name and security number.  This name tag has a special adhesive that will not harm clothing and should be placed on the child at check-in.  In addition you will be given a parent tag (one for each child).  On the parent tag is the security number for each of your children with no other identifying information.  (Therefore, if a parent tag is accidentally dropped, a person finding the tag has no idea of the child’s name and location.)  This parent tag must be given to the teacher of your child at the end of service to pick up your child.  You may have someone else pick up your child as long as they have your parent tag.  (Children must be 13 years of age to pick up children even with the parent tag.)

World Changers provides a safe and secure environment for your child.  We have policies and procedures that were developed to protect both your child and our volunteers.  If you would like to obtain a copy of our volunteer screening process, please contact the church office.