Please consider joining with us for a time of prayer and fasting for 2019. We will begin January 9th and end Friday night January 18th at our special worship night meeting. Please mark your calendar.

Jan 9 GCF Church to grow and impact our community on a greater level. Increased passion for Kingdom of God and increase in opportunities to influence and share the Gospel.

Jan 10 Children and Youth (Children’s Ministry, Encounter Middle, Elevate HS, Building Hope)

Jan 11 ECU/PCC Students and Every Nation Campus Ministry

Jan 12 Educators/Teachers, Administrators and Staff at K-12 and Collegiate Level

Jan 13 Strengthening and Uniting of Families in Our Community Marriages Restored and Strengthened

Jan 14 Racial Reconciliation

Jan 15 Medical and Business Community, Civil Servants, First Responders

Jan 16 World Missions and International Student Outreach

Jan 17 United States Military, Government Leaders at Local, State and Federal Levels

Jan 18 Sanctity of Human Life and Humanitarian Crises (Reach Recovery -addictions, natural disasters, human trafficking, etc.)