GCF Facilities Support
Job Description

Function: To provide light repair and maintenance for the church and it’s rental property

Hours: 10 – 15 Hours per month (evenings and weekends are acceptable)
Rate: $20 per hour

Candidate Qualities: The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of experience in maintaining a commercial office building in standard maintenance and repair issues. While not necessary, it would be desired that the candidate would have experience in HVAC repair and roof repair. It would also be desired that the candidate has successfully worked in a team setting and has some experience in leading teams and working with outside contractors.

Primary Responsibilities:
● Light bulb and fixture replacements
● Routine pesticide and weed killer application
● Toilet repair (tank and handle issues) including complete toilet replacement and new installation
● Routine carpet cleaning
● Air filter replacement
● Ceiling tile replacement
● Parking lot maintenance (addressing holes, repainting lines etc)
● Door and door knob replacement
● Light trimming and edging of plants and shrubs
● Other responsibilities as needed